Well, posting once a day, didn’t work out. To be fair I am spending most of my time in the library, which isn’t the most inspiring environment to be in. However, today, I have found the perfect spot. Tomorrow I am going to get up real early and drop of some books on this table, so that it is reserved throughout the day.

At the moment, I am enjoying the beautiful sunset above the roofs of London. This could only be better, if I was out in the open air, feeling a nice, warm summer breeze.

But I am still trapped inside until further notice. But hopefully I will find my way home soon.



So, after missing out a few days of blogging I finally found the energy to blog again. However it comes at a bad time, as a have my first exam of the year tomorrow evening, but for some reason I lost the energy to study.

Nevertheless, I studied like an idiot the last couple of days and hence I spent about 8 hours a day in our library, trying to revise for math and sometimes also teach me a complete new topic, which I missed.

In the process, I actually discovered an interesting fact about my studying. I can only learn in one very specific place in hour University. At that is on one of the self-study floors, however not any, no, one specific. Everywhere else I am just wasting time and not doing anything productive. The problem today was that my floor was packed, so I had to sit and study somewhere else, which fucked up everything. Still I did a bit of work, and now I am finally back in my spot.

Other than exams not much is happening next month, since everybody is very busy. Today, I actually discovered an interesting article about becoming amazing and awesome, published on lifehacker.com. I will definitely give it a try, and we will see what happens. Maybe this way I can finally get a grip on programming.

On a scarier note I also read another lifehacker article talking about CISPA, very much like 1984. This article is in my opinion very worrying, since even though being fictional, could very well turn into reality in the close future. It might motivate me to some actions, since I became very reflective and worried about the world, while reading it and, at the same time, listening to this.

So, I will to update this blog tomorrow again, maybe even after I’ve done some learning.

Talent Management Transition for AIESEC City

So today, I didn’t break my sleeping cycle. I got up at 12 o’clock as usual. However after that I was quite productive and studied a bit, before going of to a friend to do transition for talent management for next  year.

Funny thing I observed in London. People are not afraid to get up and change seats if they don’t like the people they are sitting next to. Strange 🙂

Talent Management transition was good though, learnt a lot and made a lot of progress in terms of creating my plans for next year and how I want to achieve them. Furthermore it made me really excited about next weekend and NSC in Nottingham. 4 days of spending time with like-minded people and explore ideas more in-depth. And quite a lot of drinking and very little sleep I guess. Well, play hard, work hard.

Now, I am off to watch Champions League with a couple of friends, so their might be an update later on.

Insomnia, what a lovely bitch!

So, at the moment it is 02:44 GMT and I am still awake, even though I want to get up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning. It is weird, how even though, I have tried to reset my sleeping rhythm to more reasonable hours, I always fall back into the same pattern, where sleep normally eludes me before 03:00.

Today, however, I guess it is mainly because, that I only woke up at noon. This on the other hand came from my insomnia last night. I guess tomorrow I will try to break this cycle once again, and hopefully not fail.

But on another note. At the moment I am in full exam stress, since my exams will start in about 2 weeks, which means revision, revision and some more revision. Even though, I couldn’t say that I am overly confident right now, but I hope that this will change, given enough time and studying.

Actually insomnia might not be so bad after all. It might reduce my quality of life for the moment, but it will give me more time to study. For example tonight I worked through matrices from about 01:00 to 02:00, while simultaneously discovering that our lecturer provided us, with the worst notes known to mankind about the topic.

So, with this last thought about lousy lecturers, I will start another attempt to find some rest and would like to invite everyone to post their favourite activity for sleepless nights, to arm me and you for another night.

LDS 2012 in Nottingham

This weekend I went to LDS 2012 in Nottingham where we elected our next MCP for 2012/2013. It was a truly inspiring experience and motivated to run for EB in my LC as well. 

It was a great experience, however now I am absolutely knackered, because I drank the last 3 nights and slept on average 3h a night.

At the moment, I am sitting in McDonald’s in Nottingham, because I made a mistake with the time on my bus ticket and hence I booked a bus 3h later than required.

If you want me to explain all the AIESEC shortcuts, please just say so in a comment.

Home sweet home!

I finally arrived home in Germany, after flying back last Tuesday. On the flight we had the one thing nobody wants to hear when he is about to fly. On the way to the runway we stopped for 15 minutes and then turned back because we had “Technical Problems”. Really not a nice thing to hear, if you were just about to fly. Glad, that I left Tuesday, because today (Friday) it started to snow in London, which means that the whole city is going into lockdown (bloody english for not learning to cope with snow 🙂 ).

Well anyway, home is amazing. Got a proper nice haircut, started going to my old gym again and I enjoy not having to do all the housework myself anymore. At the moment I’m sitting in the living room, listening to music and enjoying the look from the window (even though it is raining).

I really hope it starts snowing soon, I’d love a white christmas and also snow makes me happy whereas rain makes me sort of sad.

Pokerwise, it isn’t going great. Well in terms of results it is, but not in terms of motivation. Tried using my dad’s external screen yesterday and realised that I hate how 24h poker tiles the 6 windows on it. Vertical instead of horizontal. That’s why I haven’t put in as much volume as I would like to, but I hope that is is going to pick up now after having settled for 3 days.

My first post!

For some reason, over the last few days, I have started to sign up for Twitter and become really active in social media. So I thought it might be a good idea to start my blog as well.

So what am I going to blog about??? O.o

At the moment I think that I will blog about everything that interest me. For example I am definitely going to blog and tweet about my experience with AIESEC and the conference I am going to in December.

Furthermore, Uni life is going to be an important topic as well.

And least but not last, POKER. I love online poker and live games. Awesome topic.

So yeah, that’s about it for now.