So today, I didn’t break my sleeping cycle. I got up at 12 o’clock as usual. However after that I was quite productive and studied a bit, before going of to a friend to do transition for talent management for next  year.

Funny thing I observed in London. People are not afraid to get up and change seats if they don’t like the people they are sitting next to. Strange 🙂

Talent Management transition was good though, learnt a lot and made a lot of progress in terms of creating my plans for next year and how I want to achieve them. Furthermore it made me really excited about next weekend and NSC in Nottingham. 4 days of spending time with like-minded people and explore ideas more in-depth. And quite a lot of drinking and very little sleep I guess. Well, play hard, work hard.

Now, I am off to watch Champions League with a couple of friends, so their might be an update later on.