I finally arrived home in Germany, after flying back last Tuesday. On the flight we had the one thing nobody wants to hear when he is about to fly. On the way to the runway we stopped for 15 minutes and then turned back because we had “Technical Problems”. Really not a nice thing to hear, if you were just about to fly. Glad, that I left Tuesday, because today (Friday) it started to snow in London, which means that the whole city is going into lockdown (bloody english for not learning to cope with snow 🙂 ).

Well anyway, home is amazing. Got a proper nice haircut, started going to my old gym again and I enjoy not having to do all the housework myself anymore. At the moment I’m sitting in the living room, listening to music and enjoying the look from the window (even though it is raining).

I really hope it starts snowing soon, I’d love a white christmas and also snow makes me happy whereas rain makes me sort of sad.

Pokerwise, it isn’t going great. Well in terms of results it is, but not in terms of motivation. Tried using my dad’s external screen yesterday and realised that I hate how 24h poker tiles the 6 windows on it. Vertical instead of horizontal. That’s why I haven’t put in as much volume as I would like to, but I hope that is is going to pick up now after having settled for 3 days.