So, after missing out a few days of blogging I finally found the energy to blog again. However it comes at a bad time, as a have my first exam of the year tomorrow evening, but for some reason I lost the energy to study.

Nevertheless, I studied like an idiot the last couple of days and hence I spent about 8 hours a day in our library, trying to revise for math and sometimes also teach me a complete new topic, which I missed.

In the process, I actually discovered an interesting fact about my studying. I can only learn in one very specific place in hour University. At that is on one of the self-study floors, however not any, no, one specific. Everywhere else I am just wasting time and not doing anything productive. The problem today was that my floor was packed, so I had to sit and study somewhere else, which fucked up everything. Still I did a bit of work, and now I am finally back in my spot.

Other than exams not much is happening next month, since everybody is very busy. Today, I actually discovered an interesting article about becoming amazing and awesome, published on I will definitely give it a try, and we will see what happens. Maybe this way I can finally get a grip on programming.

On a scarier note I also read another lifehacker article talking about CISPA, very much like 1984. This article is in my opinion very worrying, since even though being fictional, could very well turn into reality in the close future. It might motivate me to some actions, since I became very reflective and worried about the world, while reading it and, at the same time, listening to this.

So, I will to update this blog tomorrow again, maybe even after I’ve done some learning.